Francine Lawrence and Susi Hoyle started Art*Splash  because we noticed that the current dependence on technology in the workplace has made people forget how to use a pencil, and how to experience the simple pleasure of drawing.  We want to reverse this trend and have developed a unique style of teaching that taps into everyone's ability to draw. 

Come to one of our workshops and unlock your creativity!

Francine Lawrence

"I trained as a graphic designer at art college, and have worked in publishing all my life – designing and editing several high profile UK magazines including Country Living.  My idea of relaxation is to sit down in a cafe or a garden and just draw what I see around me. I take a small sketchbook wherever I go and use it like a diary to make visual notes almost every day. I love architecture and food – I will often do a quick sketch of my lunch in a restaurant rather than take a photo!"

Susi Hoyle

"Working as a designer and stylist on magazine and advertising shoots in London, and on major feature films in Australia and South East Asia, I have spent half my life sketching and drawing designs for filmsets and magazines.  Travelling and working in exotic places has developed my passion for colour.  My style of painting and drawing is very free – I am passionate about colour and enjoy encouraging students to bring light and vibrancy into their artwork."

Francine Lawrence and Susi Hoyle

Francine Lawrence and Susi Hoyle